I have been using Coach Brennan for almost two years. He has been nothing short of amazing. He has so much passion and knowledge for the sport and is eager to share it. In each of my lessons, he proves that. He has seen me make some of the best changes in my performance, and he has seen me struggle and get down on myself. He knows the exact words to pick me up and prove to me that it is okay to make mistakes. Everyone does. He makes me into not only a better softball player, but a person. It’s inspiring to see the love he has for the sport. I know that every summer I come back from playing college softball, I will come to to Pipeline Sports to further develop my skills and continue my love for the sport.  


  • Reagan Raley (Rollins College)

Brennan is very professional and knowledgeable. My daughter’s batting skills have improved tremendously. She is not just  an athlete who is just a pitcher but known as a big hitter too!

  • Elizabeth Gooden/ Mimi Gooden C/0 2023

My son Ryan has been attending weekly pitching lessons with Brennan for about 2 years, in that time he went from being an above average rec league pitcher with only a fastball, to competing at an elite level on his travel teams. He has won numerous tournament MVP awards. He qualified for the USSSA All American Team and competed for the Atlantic Region, he also qualified for the Select 30 program and made the top prospect team as a pitcher, he got the opportunity to pitch in an 8100 seat stadium and have the game broadcast. He now throws his fastball as well as a cutter, changeup and curveball.


The road over the last two years has not always been easy, and like all athletes, Ryno has bad days where his pitching is just off, or just not getting the ump calls, or struggling with the pressure of having to perform. I’ve seen him pitch in 38 degree weather and 107 degree weather, pitch through wind and rain, pitch after being hit in the hands by pitches when batting, pitch with angry opposing coaches and teams yelling at him, and so much more.


I credit Brennan’s patience and hard work and effort with developing not only Ryan’s mechanics and delivery, but also giving him the mental game to just internally stay in control and try to throw strikes no matter what is swirling around him. He has helped my son develop into a respectful and kind young man, who has always been well liked by teammates and coaches and even umpires, and I think he has even brought some of Brennan’s wisdom to others as he plays third base when not pitching and is the first to walk over and talk to a pitcher who is struggling and get them to relax.


Brennan has also worked with my younger son who is just learning the game, and through his instruction developed into being able to play up to an older age group on his travel team and become the leadoff hitter.


With both my boys, I think Brennan has the right blend of knowing when they need to be pushed and when to back off as they are getting frustrated trying to learn advanced skills. He is good at challenging them through playing little games while learning skills and picking them up when they aren’t feeling so hot after a bad pitching start or a bad day at school.


Overall, I feel they have learned a lot and developed as boys and athletes and would give Brennan my highest recommendation 

  • Cris Jagar

 "Give 100% To Be The 1%" 

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