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Pipeline Sports Performance now offers a state of the art hitting simulator called HitTrax. 

HitTrax™ has a powerful combination of analytics and entertainment that has enhanced the training capabilities of athletes and coaches. Have you ever been in a batting cage and wonder how far or hard you hit the ball? With the HitTrax, it removes the guessing factor and delivers real- time analytics!


Patent pending technology delivers innovation to the baseball industry by measuring real-time data and displaying live results for immediate feedback. Analyze key performance metrics to identify tendencies before stepping onto the field.

Organize hitting leagues, tournaments & home run derbys, and bring the excitement of the outdoor game into your facility.

With HitTrax, players are further engaged, in-depth performance reports are generated, and facilities gain additional revenue streams that are not otherwise available.



  • Real-Time Statistics with Visual Feedback

  • In-Depth Reporting Module for Hitters & Pitchers

  • Remote Access to Statistics via our HitTrax StatsCenter Website

  • Player Rankings (Local and National)

  • Adaptable to All Skill Levels: Little League to Professional

  • Gaming Module & Home Run Derby Contests



  • Baseball and Softball

  • Operates off of live pitching, machines, soft toss, and batting tee

  • Portable with small footprint

  • Set up within minutes

  • 110 MPH+ measurements

  • Accuracy to +/- 1 MPH