Online Analysis- Gold Package

Online Analysis- Gold Package


With purchase of the gold package you will receive all videos from THE VAULT

  • Evaluation*- Your mechanics will be fully broken down and explained. We will design goals specifically catered to your needs

  • Opportunity for 8 online lessons: You have the ability to share and receive 8 video analysis each month

  • Discount for in person lessons at PSP: You will receive 20% off any 1 hour private lesson that you receive at our indoor facility. 

  • Player Specific Drills – We give your player specific drills to ensure improvement in the right areas and progress quickly. A lot of the Pipeline Sports Performance movements and drills can be done without the use of a batting cage, sometimes even without a bat! This means that you don’t have to worry about waiting until your next practice or next time in the cage, you can do most of the drills right in your living room!

  • Instructions for submission

    We will Use Hudl Technique or Coach's eye to evaluate each video

    *For each of these make sure full body is in view* 

    Pitching: Throw 3 pitches from each angle.

    • Side view (camera facing pitchers chest)

    • Rear view (camera behind pitcher facing target) 

    Hitting: 3 swings from each angle

    • Side View (camera as if it was in other batter box)

    • Rear view (camera behind hitter facing towards field or net where ball is going)

    After recording video please email to

 "Give 100% To Be The 1%" 

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