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I have been using Coach Brennan for almost two years. He has been nothing short of amazing. He has so much passion and knowledge for the sport and is eager to share it. In each of my lessons, he proves that. He has seen me make some of the best changes in my performance, and he has seen me struggle and get down on myself. He knows the exact words to pick me up and prove to me that it is okay to make mistakes. Everyone does. He makes me into not only a better softball player, but a person. It’s inspiring to see the love he has for the sport. I know that every summer I come back from playing college softball, I will come to Pipeline Sports to further develop my skills and continue my love for the sport.  


  • Reagan Raley ( Rollins College Softball)

Brennan is very professional and knowledgeable. My daughter’s batting skills have improved tremendously. She is not just  an athlete who is just a pitcher but known as a big hitter too!

  • Elizabeth Gooden/ Mimi Gooden C/0 2023

Josh is positive, impactful and organized.  In the short amount of time that my son has gone to Josh, we've seen improvement.  Each training session is structured and he packs a great deal into one hour! He is passionate about kids and wants to see them get stronger and faster.  I highly recommend Josh to any parent who is looking to help their young athletes achieve their potential!  


  • Cristy Fayard